Neighborhood Pod Program

What is a Neighborhood Pod?

Pods are hyperlocal text message groups or phone trees of you and your neighbors. Since not everyone has access to online communication or will ever see these google docs, neighborhood pods are how we reach more people.

How do I join a Pod?

Check out our map below. Click on the pod zone that your house or apartment is located in, and see who the leader in your neighborhood is! Feel free to reach out to them directly to learn more about the hyperlocal activities in your neighborhood.

What resources do Neighborhood Pod leader have?

Find all of the pod leader tool-kit, flyers, and more in our pod leader folder.

  • We have created a toolkit will get you started! We also have two flyers you can print and share available here and here.

  • Join our pods Google group to communicate with other pod leaders!

  • Some of our neighbors need options other than WhatsApp, texting, or an email mailing list to stay in touch. One alternative is a phone tree! A guide on creating a phone tree is available here.

Feel free to contact Kit, our Pod Coordinator, via email.

The map below shows Neighborhood Pods and as Cambridge pods come online the map will be updated.